How to Turn Household Items into Organizing Tools

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A lot of you might think that getting organized can be expensive. You have to buy all these different containers. But in reality you can actually do it in a very affordable way. I am a big advocate on using what you have. Especially if it's just for inside a drawer sometimes you might not want to spend money on a fancy container and you can use existing items in your household or you can buy containers that are designed for other purposes but will serve well as organizing tools in other areas and are cheap alternatives. Some of them are even free. For example I personally like to use containers that had a purpose before but no longer have a purpose and I want to create a new use for the item. For example I will use a glasses case for glasses that I no longer wear and I will use them for small items. For example I have my manicurist set in my glasses container and it's very handy. I can take it everywhere and the one I have happened to be a little see through so I can see what's inside. Also I like to recycle. I like living green and one way of helping the environment is to reuse items. For example this was a little snack top for apple sauce. I used it to store small stationary items like little tacks or paperclips. The container is also see through and clear so you can actually see what's the content inside. Also, this is getting a little creative, I have an ice cube tray to be used for organizing your small jewelry items. This is great in a drawer. I can see what I have and everything is neatly stored in their own little space so nothing get tangled up. You know how jewelries are, they can get caught up in each other with all the loops and hoops. And here, this is actually a kitchen container. Again I really like see through containers because you can see what's inside. It's just helps you find things a lot easier. The kitchen containers a lot of times come in sizes that are just perfect for storing even other items. For example I am using this to store bathroom toilletries either in a drawer or under the sink and it's just a great size. And again it's plastic so the moistore doesn't bother the container and again it's see through and the easier it is for you to see what you have the better.