How to Organize School Supplies

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Organizing school supplies is best done by separating out related items and storing them in clear plastic containers, keeping small pieces together in clear plastic zip-top bags. Make school supplies easy to find and store with housekeeping tips from a... View Video Transcript

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Okay, so now I would like to show you how to organize school supplies. Now I am a home school mom, so I have to stay organize. I have to be very good with record keeping. But all of these works really well for moms who had children who go to school also. So what I do is for a lot of our markers, coloring books, pens, anything like that, I keep in clear plastic containers; so you can see what it is before you even open it up. Then I have a drawer for everything else. I've a drawer for the big box items like the One Full Finger Paint; the paint sets that are colored by numbers, all of it fits nicely into the drawer, organize like that. Construction papers, stencils in here and all the fun science experiments like the volcano kit. All of those things that you and your child has to do at home or needs to keep for a later use at school. We also have, when our children have Science projects or History projects, or anything that they have to assemble at home to take to school, a good idea is to put everything in a gallon size freezer bags. That way all the little pieces are guaranteed to stay in there with the big ones. Children can't lose them this way. Just put everything in there and then zip, zip it shut. They can just throw this into the backpack or keep it altogether for assembly at home. Then I have drawers for each one of my children. For older kids they get the bigger drawers, of course and you can put all of their books, supplies or things that they need in there. You can organize them into different groups, into different subjects if you would like to. I do; I have my Science over here; we have our Math and our English over here; we have History here or their workbooks; other worksheets, anything like that, anything that needs to stay together. It further include even other little books to help them along the way; learning games, we keep them altogether so that we know where they are, easy to find and the kids know exactly where they go back when they're done with them. All of these has help our family. I hope it helps yours.