How to Buy Flowers Online

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Buying flowers online is best done by finding a local florist with a Web site that exhibits their floral arrangements, as the delivery and shipping charges will be much less for local delivery. Purchase flowers online with helpful advice from the owner... View Video Transcript

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Hi, I'm Karen Rodowicz, owner of JK Flowers and I'm here to tell you the easiest way to buy flowers on-line. To do that, once you realize the town that you're sending those flowers to, do a local search of the local florist in that town. You then will have the best choice and price range if you deal with a local florist in that town. Also, when dealing with a local florist, they know what's available to them. They know what they have to deliver at that time and they can give you the best deals and the best arrangements. They also will give you the breast prices for delivery service because they know the area and they know how they can send those out, if, or when, on time that day, or next day for that special occasion. When buying flowers on-line, you want to look at their pictures and see if they have a specialty or if you're looking for a certain color or flower, you may even want to e-mail them and ask them some questions about what their favorite flower is they like to deal with in that area. So I hope this was helpful. Thanks for watching. I'm Karen with JK Flowers and happy shopping!