Growing Tender Green Bush Beans

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Growing Tender Green Bush beans allows you to harvest about 55 days after planting the seeds. Learn how to grow Tender Green Bush beans from seed in this plant propagation video. View Video Transcript

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I'm Stan DeFreitas, "Mr. Green Thumb" for On Gardening. Talking about beans, these are an improved tender bush, bush bean. Now bush beans are nice and should give you a lot of beans on a small plant and you will be harvesting probably in about 55 days. So less than two months you should be getting to have some of these as harvesting plant. Now when you look at seed packages, on the back it will usually give you a zone map telling you that in your part of the country when your past the last frost date. So look that package over. It gives you a nice US of A map, it will tell you what date you can put out your beans, good for tomatoes and other things too. Read the package over, they've put a lot of effort in to these packages to make sure you know all the information that you ought to know. Typically these are about 1/4 of an inch in size. Now these are kind of a darker bean, their a little bean with a little bit of color to them. Kind of black with a little bit of white and there again your going to cover them over about one time as deep as they are. So just sprinkle them on the area, on the surface and you can go ahead and make sure you cover them with some soil either take your hand and press them in to the soil or go ahead and just cover them over like this. For On Gardening, I'm Stan DeFreitas, "Mr. Green Thumb".