Packing Living Room Pillows & Tapestries

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Bigger boxes are good for squishy items like pillows. Learn about packing living room pillows and tapestries with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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Bigger boxes like this one and even bigger ones are really good for squishy things. And these are good things to pack two weeks out. You might as well because you're probably not going to be needing them. Obviously you don't want to pack like your couch cushions or anything like that. But I have these fur pillows for people to sit on the ground and won't be needing them in the next two weeks so they will nicely fit in one of these bigger boxes which will protect them from getting dirty during the move. But I can shove them down in there. It's not going to be a heavy box. I can also put in smaller pillows and shove those in there, too. And also any tapestries that you might have. I'm probably going to go ahead and take down this tapestry and fold it up and put it in this box and probably label it, label the box living room and pillows and tapestry.