Growing Orchids in Terrestrial Conditions

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Some orchids can grow in terrestrial conditions. Learn more in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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One of the forms of Orchards that are very common since some of our native Orchards exhibit the same characteristics is to grow Terrestrial, and what it means is it will grow in the organic debris and soil in our woods. This particular one is growing in a mixture of soil and compost, and the root require a fair amount of moisture so this one is kept fairly moist. It's a Terrestrial that's related to one of our native Orchards that's called Spiranthes and that?s the genus it belongs to. This happens to be a hybrid between two or three species and produces very large spikes of red flowers. The native Spiranthes that?s called Lady Tresses is a white flowered one that is found growing in wet areas along streets or in bogs.