What is Non-Selective Herbicide?

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This product is a non-selective herbicide meaning that it kills anything that is green and growing that you spray it on. It stops the photosynthesis process and the plant eventually starves to death. It has no soil activity so it does not give any pre-emerge, in other words it does not do anything for the weeds seeds that may be laying on the ground but it will kill all the vegetation that is growing above the ground that has green leaves on it. The plant needs to be actively growing generally speaking when apply post-emerge herbicides. Even the other selective herbicides that we talked about in earlier segments the weed that you're trying to kill must be actively growing. That means that is absorbing nutrients and other materials from the outside environment vigorously and trans locating them into the plant themselves. That makes the herbicide easily absorbed, readily absorbed an very active. There are also is a class of non-selective herbicides that kills everything that?s growing and also works to control weed seeds and shoots and risers that may be lying on the ground. There general called soil sterilelytes and they are generally used in parking lots and areas where a weeds growing up through the cracks and things like that, that are not only unsightly but they are damaging and dangerous to the pavement service.