How to Organize Jewelry

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Organizing jewelry involves keeping rings in one drawer, preferably in specified slots to hold rings, bracelets in another, earrings in their own drawer and necklaces in the final drawer. Keep the different types of jewelry separate for easy access with... View Video Transcript

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O'kay now I am going to show you how to organize your jewelry. Most people have a jewelry box. Mine is a lot smaller than what I want and it should be a lot bigger but it is a jewelry box nonetheless. On the top is where I keep the things I use most often, keep them ready. All of your rings for your fingers or your toes go on the velvet little lines. It keeps them together, keeps them organized and keeps them free from scratching and getting ruined. In one section I keep all my jewelry for my rings that I wear most often and I keep the little ones there too so they don't get misplaced with all the bigger ones and they don't get tangled up with themselves. In the other sections I keep my big earrings whether they are hoops or danglies I keep them in there. Then underneath this I try to keep all of my watches and my bracelets together so this way things that I wear on my wrist are together. It is just grouping, just organizing and keeping them in groups, earrings together, rings together, bracelets together and necklaces together. Quite easy, quite simple but it works. So when I am done for the day I put my bracelets in one section and my earrings in another and I just know how everything goes. Then when you have a boxed item that you get from the jewelry store I encourage you to keep them in there when you are not wearing them. It keeps them safe, it keeps it protected and on occasion when you do have to take it to the jewelry for warranty, check up or for repair it is already in a container that keeps it safe and you don't lose them in your purse. Then in the bottom this is where I do keep my warranties. This way they are there when I need them and I know so then if anything happens to my jewelry or I have to take it in for warranty check up, it is there and I don't have to look for it, it is also where I keep my really good necklaces. I don't have the kind of jewelry box where they hang so I do have to be very careful that they do not get tangled up. Nobody likes the knots in their chains so try to keep your jewelry in long rows, your necklaces so that it doesn't get tangled up because on your chains you don't want knots. It is hard to get off and it is not good on the chain. Try to keep them all together. You don't have to put them on the bottom row but I wear necklaces less often as I do bracelets or earrings. So I keep them down there. The ones I wear more I keep at the top so it is easy to reach. So I hope this helps with your jewelry organization.