Understand the Importance of the Growing Orchids' Stages

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The various stages of a growing orchid are discussed in this free educational video series. View Video Transcript

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How do you grow an Orchard? Again you have to examine the plants, know a little bit about it, and hopefully know where it comes from and the kind of environment it grows in. The particular plant I'm holding now is one of my favorites. Not that I've ever gotten it big enough to blossom but I always have hope and expectations. This is one of the Vanilla vines that give us the Vanilla Bean, and when it gets fifteen to twenty feet tall it may blossom. Well what do I do? Well, I know it grows as a plant that's very vine-like very thick stemmed. So I have it mounted on a structure that allows me to lay the vine out along some tree fern, and because it's hard to hold up the tree fern I just put it down in a pot of stone, washed stone from a brook and helps to hold the mount upright.