Packing Nonessential Kitchen Items

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Pack away dishes that are only used for special occasions first when moving. Learn about other nonessential items to pack with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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Just like we did in the other rooms, in the kitchen you want to when you start thinking about what you want to pack, you want to look at what you're not going to need for the next two weeks. So, just like in the bathroom, a really good place to look for that kind of thing is up. So on, I have a shelf up above my refrigerator that those are dishes that I use on special occasions. I am not going to be needing those in the next two weeks. So those are things I can take down and pack. You don't, probably don't, need to wash things before you pack them because you're probably going to want to wash them when you get to your new place. So, I'm not going to wash those even though they're probably very dusty from being up there. I also have another shelf up above my sink that's up high and it has other dishes. It has 1/2 of sets that I don't need to use the whole set on a regular basis. That I can take all of that stuff down and go ahead and pack that as well.