Choosing & Planting Onions

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Knowing what to look for when buying onion plants for your garden is very important to their success and growth. Learn how to choose the best possible onion plants for your garden in this free horticulture video from a veteran gardener. View Video Transcript

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Today we're going to talk about how to pick a good onion plant to and how to care for a good onion plant in your vegetable garden. You definitely want to stay away from any browning or black spots or anything. This one looks pretty good. It's got a lot of green on it. You want to look for a lot of green like that. These, the little brown spots aren't too bad. As long as it's not all looking like this, as long as you've got a majority of the green. You definitely want to make sure there is some coming out of each one, or I wouldn't have picked that one anyway. This particular variety is going to take a hundred and twenty to a hundred and thirty days to mature and produce that vegetable for you. So you definitely want to give yourself enough time. These take quite a while, so you want to plant them pretty early in the season. They need full sun and definitely want to water at least once every one or two days. Just don't forget about them. You can use any kind of basic fertilizer for them. There is different vegetable fertilizers, any basic miracle grow will work for just about anything in here. And you just want to make sure you give yourself enough time because these take so long to make sure in the season, a hundred twenty to a hundred and thirty days are a lot longer than a tomato or something like that. It's going to take about half that time. So you definitely want to get these started earlier.