How To Use Fresh Basil

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This basil here, this little basil that I just planted, is from seed stock that I’ve had for about fifteen years. I make pesto out of the leaves by mixing it in the blender with olive oil and pecans and different types of cheeses. And basil is excellent for spaghetti. When you use it for cooking, though, it’s an herb that you should put in at the end. So, just twenty minutes or less before the dish is complete through cooking, that’s when you want to put the basil in, as opposed to oregano and thyme which you put in at the beginning of the cooking process. Basil is also excellent in Thai food, noodle dishes, and soups. You can just break the basil leaves and place them on top of a soup as a garnish, and it’s very delicious. You can also put basil on tomatoes. Just sliced tomato- put a little piece of cheese and one basil leaf for an appetizer. It’s a wonderful healthy appetizer.