Landscaping Around a Hot Tub

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When landscaping around a hot tub, place flowerbeds around all four corners, walkways and trellises. Find out what plants to use when landscaping a hot tub, such as ivy and ferns, in this free video from a professional landscaper on lawn care tips. View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. Let's talk some about landscaping around a hot tub. I'll show you some things here that we have done and doesn't mean that's the only way to do it. We started over here with a sort of trellis, a hanging plant of an ivy and then some container plants across the front. A river fern works really well for a hot tub environment. You can even so much as put a whole bed of that in the ground or build up around it and put that here. Sago palms work really well as well. But this is what we have done with the gold Iguanamus shrub, the trellis and these container plants in this area. We also have the benefit of having this walkway and another garden right next to it off that direction. And that's what we've done on this particular side. Now let's look at the other side and see what we have over there. Around on this side we have installed some pavers to make like a walkway and a patio area in front around the steps. On the side, we've put in some other beds. One with container plants and another with plants actually in the ground. Also we have on this side like we did on the other side, an ivy hanging as well. These are just some of the ideas and this course what we did with this one. Beds all the way around, a patio just in the front, lots of different combinations. And as I said before, Sago palms are nice, especially if they grow in your area, you can get the miniature varieties. Ferns look really good around a hot tub. A lot of your tropicals like hibiscus and things of that nature will do you wonders in your landscaping around a hot tub.