Watering Mountain Laurels

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Watering Mountain Laurels - Provided by eHow
When mountain laurels are first planted, watering them enough to keep the soil damn is important to encourage the seedlings to sprout green vegetation. Keep the plant moist for the first several weeks with help from the owner of a feed and farm supply... View Video Transcript

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For the watering of the mountain laurel seeds we got them in a potting soil I'm just going to water them enough over the top to keep them damp until they sprout. It will take several weeks for them to sprout the temperature is going to have to do a lot with it we're not going to fertilize them at this point. Because keeping them moist is big deal once the seedlings have sprouted and have grown some green vegetation we'll put fertilizer on them to encourage extra growth. But at this point we're going to rely on the fertility of the potting soil that we put in there to provide whatever food needs that the new seed has once it starts putting out a root. After it starts to put the above ground growth we'll worry about extra fertilization.