Types of Coffee Tables to Buy to Organize Your Home

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Hi! I’m Katrina Cameron on behalf of Expert Village. I want to talk to you about why we pick the type of coffee tables that we should pick. You want to pick something that’s industrious and at the same time it looks great because a coffee table should keep a clear surface on the top but then have some compartments on the bottom that you can actually store things. So if you have some guests that are coming over, this is a temporary holding spot. It’s not a stuff and shove bin, as I like to call it. This is for current things that you need to handle soon. So this is mail that got brought in from the mail station at the front door and we put it in here because it’s going to be gone through this week. If it’s older than a week it should not be under here; it should be handled already. This container fits perfectly and you just measure before you go to the store and you can buy some compartments that really work. Another thing that can be kept underneath the coffee table are current articles and newspaper that you might want to read. But once they are old and if they’ve been sitting there too long, you really need to be ruthless and just throw them away because otherwise you get stacks of things all over different surfaces and that’s what we try to avoid in home organizing. You can also keep board games. This is a poker tabletop; it fits really nicely under here for game nights. So those are some simple solutions on how to habit form and keep your surfaces, especially your coffee table from cluttering up.