What to Do After Laying Sod

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I'm Fernando and where here with Expert Village going over after laying the sod what are we suppose to do. So you've almost completed laying down your sod or you completed completely by zigzagging the actual patterns of the sod and what is important next is that you water your lawn. It is important for the next 3 weeks to water your lawn 3 times a day. I like to water the lawn in times where the sun is at its least damaging time and the first 3 weeks are crucial cause what you want to do is allow the roots to establish itself with the ground. After that you want to wind it off and change even the times so that the roots would start to look for that water in the ground verses getting you use to you watering it for kind like your dog. So after you have put down the sod it is important that you water it 3 times a week and create the best environment for your sod. I'm Fernando and you are here with Expert Village.