How to Arrange Flowers

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Flower arrangements begin with the greenery, and the process of placing the flowers starts in the center, where the height of the arrangement will be determined. Discover ways to use filler flowers with help from a florist in this free video on flower... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Karen Rodowicz owner of JK Flowers and I'm here to show you how to arrange flowers. The first thing you need to do is you start off with your greens because that's the basis of any floral arrangement. So I'm going to start here with a floral foam and I'm going to place my greens accordingly. I'm just going to work it around until I have a little bit of a basis of a flower arrangement. I'm then going to take some flowers, I'm going to start with the center and this will be the height of my flower arrangement. I'm then going to place some flowers around and keep filling them in until I'm out of flowers. You can add some different types of flowers. And then when you get all your flowers in, you want to put your filler flowers in which is your smaller bud like flowers which is baby's breath or anything in that kind of size that you like. When you get a full arrangement you have on flower arrangement that you can place on a table. Another thing you might want to try is just maybe a floral arrangement in a bud vase which is very simple. You can just add a leather leaf and a single rose and there you go, you have another floral arrangement. I'm Karen Rodowicz and I hope this was helpful.