Considerations for Landscaping your Backyard

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Things to consider when landscaping your backyard are numerous, get expert landscape design tips in this free video. View Video Transcript

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Really the longest part of the landscape process is the gestation period. This is when you’re really looking at the land from different angles. For example, I have a high porch, and I would go down and look at it from the porch, and then I would go down and look at it from the street. I would look at it from my house. I would look at it from where I would sit in it. And then I would go back to the porch. This occurred for maybe six months or a year or two before I did each part of my landscape. I like to do my personal landscape in a very organic way, so I’ve done it a segment at a time and kind of prepared places. I don’t actually do the landscape until I have an idea of the elements, feelings, and what I want that part of the landscape to be used for. All this comes in the gestation period.