How to Get Rid of Field Mice

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Getting rid of field mice means eliminating the sources of their environment from a house, such as firewood stacks. Find out how the only way to eliminate field mice is by burning and paving over a field with help from an instructor and specialist in... View Video Transcript

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How to get rid of field mice. This is Ed with Critter Control in Tampa Bay. Field mice are out there because that's their environment. They're out in the field, they're outside. That's where they want to be, that's where their food source is, that's where their water source is, that's where the hay is, the grass, the broken limbs, the hollow trees, the landscape timbers that are old and rotten, the bricks, the pile of firewood, that's where they want to be. Their food source, their water source, and their shelter is out there. How to get rid of it, if they're near your house, eliminate those sources. Move the fire firewood stack away from the house. Get rid of those mice. Take their food and shelter area and get rid of it. Move it away. If it's underneath your gazebo, maybe you wall around the gazebo so they can't be there. You could build them out, but how to get rid of field mice...the only way to get rid of them in the field is if either one, burn the field or call a contractor and pave it. Neither one is really acceptable so get rid of the conducive conditions that will allow the mice to have a nice food, water, and shelter source. This is Ed with Critter Control in Tampa Bay.