How to Prepare to Lay Sod

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Hi I'm Fernando with Expert Village and we are going over the preparation before laying your sod. We have been dealing with a water system all day and here we are going to show you the preparation that you need. So we have put that top soil, we put our fertilizer, sprayed our fertilizer now we want to turn on our sprinkler system. What this would do is 2 things one it would allow the soil to absorb the water because it has been very dry for a very long time and 2 this would also allow us a opportunity to test out our sprinklers system, make adjustments where necessary and prepare the land for the sod which would becoming tomorrow. This is 5-8 minutes of just letting the water run and covering the dirt you want it nice and, nice and mushy and let it soak through a little bit and then put your sod down. I'm Fernando and this is Expert Village.