Do Not Over Apply Pesticides

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Over application of pesticides is not smart and probably illegal; learn about using insecticides and herbicides in this free video on pesticide application. View Video Transcript

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Some people, when they use pesticides and herbicides and insecticides think that a little bit is good. So, a whole lot has got to be better. And, that's not necessarily true. As a matter of fact, it is not true. The label sets out in very specific terms how much of each of these products you?re supposed to use on a thousand square feet or on an acre. Or, how much you?re supposed to mix in a gallon of water to do the weed control or the insect control that you're after. If you over apply, a selective herbicide you can put enough on there that it turns that selective herbicide from a selective into a non-selective. In other words, when you're trying to kill clover in your St. Augustine you end up killing everything. So, over application is a serious problem. And, the label gives all the instructions and all the mixing parameters that you need to do an effective application for any kind of pesticide that you're going to apply to your lawn or garden.