How Do I Transplant Stargazer Lilies?

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Transplant stargazer lilies when they are not blooming at the end of summer or during the fall and winter by digging up the bulbs as a clump of roots and separating them. Replant stargazer lily bulbs in groups of three about 3 or 4 inches deep with... View Video Transcript

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Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from and in this segment we are going to talk about how do I transplant stargazer lilies? Stargazer lilies are a gorgeous oriental lily and that means they are fragrant and they grow in sun or part shade and they bloom beautifully but like other bulbs they do multiply. So stargazers are lilies and they are related to garlic and so just like garlic they have lots of little cloves that develop into their own bulblets or own bulbs so the best time to transplant them is any time that they are not blooming so the end of Summer, the Fall, the Winter, early Spring, any time they are not growing. When you dig them up leave a little bit of space around them because they do multiply and then just dig them up as they clump and you will find that there is lots of different pieces in them. If you've got ten stems coming out they'll just fall apart. So you turn around and transplant them as soon as possible into their own clumps and I always like to put at least three in a triangle six inches apart, about three inches or four inches deep. You don't have to plant them that deep and put them at least a half a day or full day of sun because if it's too shady they won't do that well. You can grow stargazers in containers or the ground just plant them about three inches deep. Use good composted organic material, potting soil and they'll do really well and then just leave them for many many years again and when they multiply to the point where you start with three and you've got ten or twenty in that small area dig them up again and transplant them into a new space. You can always dig them up and put them in containers or give them away to friends. They're a great gift and a great garden plant.