Early Packing & Moving a Bathroom

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Go through the bathroom and pack any nonessential items. Learn what items to pack one week out in a bathroom with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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Last week, we talked about the things that you should start packing and start doing in your bathroom to help yourself make things easier in the next couple of weeks. This week, what we're going to talk about, is the things that you can continue to do in your bathroom. So this is what my bathroom looks like one week out, and during the week as I used things I kind of compiled them in different areas just to, like I cleaned out behind my mirror like we talked about, I started setting old towels aside to use during my move, that kind of thing. So the things I have left out at my, a week before my move, are my toothbrush and a travel toothpaste just because I used all my other stuff. That's something else we talked about is trying to use up all the things that you have, within reason, obviously you don't want to use a lot more toothpaste than you usually use or anything like that. But this is my soap that I'm almost out of, but I'm working on using that up. I just have some things out that I'm still trying to use up like my soap. In here, here's an example of where I have kind of grouped things together into bags so that they're going to be really easy to use but they're still accessible for me to use in the next week. I've done the same thing in the shower which you might not be able to see, but I've taken all my stuff down off of the rack and taken my shower rack, put it out to dry over here so that I can clean it up, it's easy to pack. Then these are some other things that I have grouped everything together into baskets and they're going to be really easy to move.