Mulching the Azalea Bed

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga and I am a professional gardener. I am here today on behalf of We are going to be talking about adding mulch to your Azalea. These beautiful Azaleas are planted already, so what we are going to do is we are going to get any typical mulch, about $5.00 bag. We are going to go around it, spread it out evenly; that looks beautiful. Gives character actually to the plant and it helps it highlight it, so we put more on this side. Just sort it out and what this is going to do is when you water the plant it is going to maintain the moisture that is needed. Now there are two ways of adding mulch. For those of you that water on a regular basis daily, this will be perfect because it is somewhat flat and somewhat like a hill or a little mountain, so that is great. Now for those of you that have a hectic schedule and a little bit more on the center, there we go and then just a little bit more and we are almost done. Then what we are going to do is do a circular in the center. Just go around, there we go. Going to create a little ditch there and what it is going to do is let’s say you water the Azaleas every third day, it is going to retain more water here in the center but because you have the mulch around it, it will keep the moisture much better for you. So this is the way of adding your mulch to your Azalea plants.