How to Arrange a Bouquet of Flowers

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When arranging a bouquet of flowers, begin placing foundation pieces, such as greenery or filler flowers, start adding in secondary flowers, and place the feature flowers in last. Use a circular pattern when placing flower stems in an arrangement with... View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Karen with JK Flowers and I'm here to show you how to arrange a bouquet. The best thing to start off with is your foundation and your foundation is usually your green or your filler flowers. The best thing to do is as you are putting them in your vase or your container is you want to criss cross the stems so they have a little bit of a foundation for your flowers to hold in place once they are in your container. Here I am using some roses because they are long straight flowers. They are easy to arrange once you have your criss crossed arrangement of your ferns and as you can see as I put them in the vase they are holding their placements and since I have a round container I am just going to put them in around arrangements starting with the one in the center and just working your way around. Now if you are using different types of flowers you can use the same type of style and technique the only thing you want to keep in mind is that you are using about the same type of stems so as long as you are using straight stem like roses you are fine but if you are using something like tulips you have to keep them separate because they like to droop as they open up. Once again I'm Karen Rodowicz with JK Flowers and thanks for watching.