How to Grow Sedum

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Another really interesting plant is this very small sedum. Now in the fall you would see often times the large sedum with the very burnt orange top which are fairly common. Now this little sedum even though it is very small it doesn't have much to it, it just a unique look it kind of looks like a little fountain as you can see all of them the edges just kind of come up, kind of come down. There would be a tiny little flower that would probably appear here about a week or 2 as you can see. But the plant is not known for it's flowers it is notice for its shape and because of that this is the one plant you don't divide. This plant I actually have about 10 years ago I tried dividing a corner of it to give it to a friend of mine and I killed it mine never came back so my dear friend as she is this year gave me this plant that she start. The way that she started it and the way that I started it is I would take one of these individual actual sides probably put it in the ground all by itself or put it in water and it would actually root itself that way. But I think trying to cut it in half you disturb the plant and that is when I killed mine so these are one of those plants that you would have to treat with a little bit more of tender loving care. It looks great with certain colors this very mild orange makes it look nice here, put a little rock by it, a little purple time and you have a nice little section of your garden.