Transplanting Cold Hardy Greens

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Transplanting Cold Hardy Greens - Provided by eHow
When seedlings grow out of trays, transplant the hardy greens to outdoor soil. Learn to use hoop houses for transplanting greens from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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It might look to you like I'm being brutal with these plants but they can handle this type of treatment. In fact, by transplanting them, by opening up the roots and giving them a little bit more nutrient matter to work with, we're actually stimulating their growth. Two cups and finally the stragglers. There might be a five or a ten percent mortality here but we've already got plenty so this is a service and a blessing to these lovely little arugula's. Now, I'll go ahead and water them in and, as I said, this rough treatment will actually stimulate the growth and in a couple of days, you'll see major results. Then, these plants can either be sub-divided into multi-packs or cell packs, trays, etc., six packs or, being that its arugula and it's so hardy, we might just transplant it directly into the soil. In the meantime, however, these plants will develop and get ready, so that when they do get transplanted, they'll hit the ground running and thrive.