How to Organize your CD Collection

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If you have a really large music collection, a really great way to take care of it is to make copies of your music so that the originals stay home and they’re safe, and to put them in a travel folder. And I would use something that’s actually color-coded and different colors, just in case you have a really extensive CD collection or if your collection expands and you go on. So if you have a red one, and a black one, it’s much easier to tell them apart than if they’ll all the same color. And you can even divide them up by genres, like maybe 70s and 80s music can go in here and 90s and beyond can go in here or something like that. You’ll have to divide that up according to what you have the most CDs of. The reason I like to do that is if you’re in a car accident or if you lend a CD out, you don’t lose the original copy of the CD you have. Only copies in here, leave the real ones at home. Now when it comes to storing software CDs because of the problem of the security keys you need to enter and everything. What I normally do is I advise my clients to take them out of the cases they came in, to put them in a folder kind of like this, and maybe just keep the security keys right behind them. I put some of them in the red folder over here. See? So you’ll just be able to pull out the CD on top and you have your security key right underneath there. That way you’re not struggling with tons and tons of disks and covers and cases, and using your security key. Now I also write the security key right on my disc, just in case I lose the piece of paper in the back. And that can really save you a lot of