How to Plant a Rosebush

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After digging the hole, learn how to plant a bush in your garden with this free video clip about transplanting plants. View Video Transcript

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Now that I've got my whole dug, it's slightly bigger that the root system of the freshly dug little rose bush that we are going to put in the whole. Trying not to tear up the root ball anymore than it is already damaged. I'm going to just kind of drop it out of there. Stand it up. We are going to back fill with some of the fortified potting mix that I made in an earlier segment which does have a little fertilizer in it. It's not completely organic but its organic content fortified with commercial fertilizer. Having trouble getting the last of it out of there. There you go. I may have to put some of the original soil in there so that we get enough in the whole. Thought I had enough to plant it but apparently not. We are going to want to leave a little, see what we got here, oh yeah, we want to leave a little bit of an indentation around it. Possibly to collect some water to start off with anyway. Let me put a little more of this good old Texas top soil on there. See if I can't get rid of some of the roots of the Bermuda grass. Now I will go over and get some water from my sprinkling can and we'll water this baby right on in.