How to Organize a Computer Desk

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If doing this is frustrating you, just take your CPU and move it out from underneath the desk and put it on top. This will keep your computer from overheating, it will be much easier to change wires out, and the dust bunnies from getting in there, too. There you go. Now, the other thing that I recommend when you are moving things around at least a couple times a year, get some air spray, get some electronic cleaning supplies and clean up your computer. Even taking the case off your CPU unit and just dusting around there with some air spray will really extend the life of your computer. Alright, now if you’re wondering how to dust around in those tiny crevices, a great idea is to get some old cosmetic brushes, clean them up, and then use them to dust around the keyboard- it works out really well .Now when you’re cleaning the surface of the monitor, make sure you’re using a cloth that won’t scratch it. A micro fiber cloth is a great way for cleaning off the monitor without scratching it.