Using Herbicides

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Pesticide is a general term for anything that's bothering you. A pest, pesticides, we just talked a little about insecticides which takes care of insects. Now we're going to talk about herbicides, which take care of plants. I will probably switch to calling it weed control because it's a little easier for me to use in most of my vernacular. There are three different kinds of herbicides. There are herbicides that kill everything that they touch. Whether or not it's a broad leaf weed or grass, there are selective herbicides, another kind is selective herbicides and they kill either kill grasses and leave the broad leaf weeds growing or plants growing or the other way around they kill the broad leaf plants and let the grassy plants alone. So that's the general term for selective they can go either way. Then we got what?s called residual herbicides. Most of them have very little effect on growing plants. They're generally put down to control the germination of the seed or the sprouting of risen or other growth mechanisms that the plant may have to generate a plant in the Spring or the Fall depending on what time of the year it is.