How to Organize the Linen Closet

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Organize the linen closet by putting like products together, like towels in one spot and matching bed sheets in another. Discover handy ways to get a linen closet functional with tips from a professional house cleaner and organizer in this free video on... View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Ann Myrick and I'm going to show you how to organize a linen closet. This is - this is a closet in a hallway that has - they use it for their dirty clothes, they use it for towels, and they use it for all their linens. This house has two children that have twin beds and then a couple who their bed is a king bed. So, you have all different types of sizes up here, and then you have the towels so of course what you want to do is try to make it as organized as possible. You want to put like products together, so the first thing I would do is I'm going to go down to the - to this part, and instead of - instead of just throwing your wet towels and your towels on the floor. That could create mildew on the rug. What you want to do is - and I would probably - I have one today - I would probably do two or a much larger one, but I would get just a very nice basket and put all the dirty clothes. So now you have a little bit more space to - if you wanted another basket to put other things in, you have more space. And then the next thing I'd do is since towels are used on a daily basis, you want to take all your bath towels and group those all together, fold them in a way that looks really neat. You want to put your hand towels. I would probably take my blankets and put them up with my sheets since it all has to do with bedding. And then one of the things that I love to do is up here you have all types of sheets and you don't know if it's hard to tell where the match is to the fitted sheet, where the match is to the flat sheet. So what I like to do and I'm going to go back down to the floor just so I can fold these. And because of where I'm located and time I might not be able to do this as neat as I want to, but I'm going to take my sets. I'm going to take my flat and fitted set of my queen, and I'm going to - at home you can fold them neater, and you can do this any way. You can just use plain masking tape or if you want to get festive and do colorful ribbons, but what I'm going to do is I'm just going to tape the sets together, and then I'm going to put queen bed or I'll put king bed or I'll put single and that way instead of having to spend so much time hunting I have them just all hooked together. You can use ribbons, colorful ribbons, red means king, yellow means.... single, however you want to do it. This is Ann Myrick, and this is how to organize a linen closet.