How to Grow Lucky Bamboo

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Lucky bamboo isn't really a bamboo, but rather a dracaena that serves as more of a houseplant. Keep lucky bamboo out of the full sun and provide it with partial shade with help from a sustainable gardener in this free video on gardening tips. View Video Transcript

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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen, and in this segment we're going to talk about how to grow lucky bamboo. Now lucky bamboo really isn't even a bamboo. It's a dracaena, it's more of a houseplant. So it grows very different from bamboo. Bamboo can grow outside, in full hot sun, and it grows like grass and multiplies. Whereas lucky bamboo is more like a houseplant. It grows in the jungles of the tropics. So it does not like full, hot sun. It'll get sunburned. So it's best to put it in part shade, and as a houseplant you don't want to put it in too hot of a window. It does best in the east, or the morning sun, and it wants a little bit of dappled shade. It doesn't want the hot, hot sun hitting it. It can cook it. So, a easy way to grow it is right in water. You can start 'em just from a little start. You just put it in water and it'll grow roots. You can leave it in water, or you can put it right in soil. Either way, and it'll grow really well. So a lot of times you buy 'em from these little stems. And, this particular plant I've had for about five years. And I put it outside for the summer, and then I brought it back inside. And, it had gotten a little bit too cold outside, 'cause it got a little bit of frost, and I've lost part of the plant. But the best part about the lucky bamboo is even when you think you've lost it, most of the time you have not lost it. And so, periodically, I will check the stems, and if they're really, really broken or brown, I'll take 'em out. But saying that, for example, this stem right here is brown on the top, it looks dead. But the roots, themselves, are still alive. So this lucky bamboo is still alive. The roots are still growing. So I could cut it down, as long as it's green it'll come back, or it'll start some plants from the bottom. So a lot of times, even if you think you've killed it, it's still alive. And, a lot of times mine will die back and come back to life. So I'm going to go ahead and put this back into the dirt, and make sure that the roots are covered and stay moist, and I wouldn't be surprised if I got another start. The same with this one. It's just died off the top, but now I'm getting some side shoots on it. And so I've always put it back in my sick bay area, it's kind of in the kitchen, in the corner, it gets enough light, gets plenty of filtered light. Make sure it's watered well, and I just ignore it. And I bet within a couple months, even though the cold has damaged it, it will come up, and I will get it to survive. So lucky bamboo, as long as some of that root is alive, will grow and come back every year. And it makes a great houseplant, whether you put it right in water directly or into soil. Or as this, I bought it right into rocks, with a little bit of soil, and it seems to do really well in those conditions. But as long as you don't get it too hot, in direct sun, and give it filtered light, and as long as you keep it moist it will come and it'll grow beautifully for you.