How to Organize your Gift Wrapping Supplies

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Alright, when it comes to wrapping gifts, I get so many questions about how to handle craft items and how to handle gift wrap. If your gift wrap selection is looking like this, there’s some really affordable and easy solutions to manage this mess. Now I found this gift wrap organizer at, again, my local home organization store. I’m just going to grab it over here. It comes in a box that looks like that. and this one actually hangs over the door, but it can also sit up on a counter like this so you can work with it. Now, one of the main tips when handling gift wrap and crafts is first of all, get rid of the excess. If you’re keeping around projects that you’re one day going to get to and, you know, they’ve been there for five years, it’s probably time to pass it on to someone else who will really enjoy finishing up that project for you. I’m just going to go ahead and get these in here and we’ll see how it turns out. So as you can see, we contained all this gift wrap merchandise in this thing. I actually like this system quite a bit because it can hang over the door and it can also stand up on it’s own. I think keeping all these supplies together really saves your sanity. Now, I have the tape in here and the scissors on this side- and what I will also do is label the scissors “Crafts” so that if someone borrows them and doesn’t return them back and I find them lying around the house, I know exactly where they go. There’s a spot for- I don’t know if you can see- a spot for cards over here. I folded up the tissue paper and put it right over here. Those little cards that you use during Christmastime and what not go right in here. And of course ribbon and bows and other things. I only have three rolls of wrapping paper, but as you can see, this can easily fit about eight rolls, like four on this side and four on this side. And it just hangs over the door. I think it’s a pretty handy solution.