What to Do After Sprinkler Installation

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Hi I'm Fernando with Expert Village we are going over what do you do after the installation of your sprinkler system. I know you are thinking lets throw down the sod and we are ready to go but that is not actually the case there are some things that you need to do is plan ahead time. One you want to go ahead and get your top soil and I prefer to put some fertilizer with a even a spray with some spray fertilizer so you want to leave that alone. Again here are the flags marking where each of your sprinklers heads are and you could see how much it is about a half inch to a inch above the dirt the top soil that we laid down. With this top soil you want to take a rake, you want to rake it, you want to loosen the soil up and take a top a soil roller to go ahead and created the smoothest environment possible for your sods. You do not want contours in your back yard that you kids might fall on so in the planning part you want to go ahead and take those steps. After you are done with creating this top soil and the best environment for it we are going to go into next what you have to do to the ground to place the sods. I'm Fernando.