Seeding Trays for Hoop House Greens

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Putting seeds into trays for indoor growing takes pre-wetting the soil with little art. Learn to use hoop houses for seeding greens from an organic farmer in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Now Shenandoah and I are going to demonstrate just how to seed your beautiful new brazing mix. She's going to wet down this sterile soil. How much should I put in? To make it nice, and crumbly. She's pre-wetting it to save the dusty mess that would occur if she tried to water the seeds into dry soil. So, she's pre-wetting it, mixing it around, don't be afraid to really mix it around, get it moistened. When you have it good and moist, you can go ahead and fill up your seeding container. Now for seeds, we want to make sure that our mix is sterile, and that our pots are clean. Conventional wisdom says we should was these pots with a 10% bleach solution every year. I have found that soap and water works just fine. So, we've eliminated the bleach from this. You can see that she tops off the seeding container. That's fine, you're going to add a little more when you finish it. And now go ahead and apply the seeds. You can just spill them right in there. Good.