How to Organize the Basement

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To organize a basement, first determine the main use of the space and prioritize the items and furniture that will be placed in it, making it a more functional space. Lay out a basement to maximize the space with housekeeping tips from a tidy stay-at... View Video Transcript

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Okay. Now, I'm going to talk to you about how to organize your basement. The key thing to remember in organizing your basement is to prioritize -- what you want to use the basement for. For our basement, we had to kind of put it into three sections. One, we needed a playroom for the kids. Two, we needed an exercise room for my husband and I. We live far in the country, so going to the gym just doesn't work. So we have to use this. Second, we wanted a little family area where the boys can play videos or we can cuddle around the wood-burning stove. So this works out perfect for us. Our three priorities were met. We have this big room into two sections. One, the little family area where we can stay nice and cozy warm by the wood-burning stove, and then the workout room, where we can work out and relax and we're not bothering anybody in this section. Try to remember the size of your basement. You don't want things crammed in together. It really wouldn't work if the workout bench was right up against the couch -- not enough room. It gets in everybody's way. And the kids' play area is right off of there, so it's not interfering with the workout room. They're not climbing on the workout equipment, and it's far enough away from the couches and the...and the chair, so where you can have your relax time and they can have their play time. So you have to remember, as you're thinking about wanting...what to do for your basement is space. If you have enough space to put everything in there that you want to put, and then make your top priority. What is it that you need to have down there? And then the other things, if you have room, you can. So hopefully, some of these ideas will work for you.