How to Dig a Hole for Transplanting Rosebushes

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We are going to replant this rosebush out here where I have some drip irrigation already in place. The previous suspect or the previous plant didn't do to well. There is a few rocks in this soil so it sometimes takes a little bit to get my shovel started. We got a little moisture in the ground here and we got a little grass on the surface too. I'm going to dig my hole a little bigger than the plant is going to be and we are going to help back fill the soil in the whole with some of the fortified potting soil that I made that has a little triple 13, 13-13-13, with micro nutrients, iron, zinc and all those kind of things. Commercial fertilizer. It's potting soil some manure and all that mixed together so I've gotten good organic matter in it. It will be a whole lot better soil than what I am fixing to lug out of this whole here. It's a small miniature rose plant that will not be a big addition anywhere. But out here where this blank irrigation is watering just nothing I think we will get at least some use out of the water that is being put on this little patch of ground.