How to Plant Snapdragons

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Hello! My name is Jose Zuniga. I am a professional gardener and today I am here to represent Yeah, we are finally here and went over steps of how to plant our snapdragons. As you know earlier, soil preparation which we added a little bit of commoner, compost and mix it up with the top soil so it is ready to go. We also worked earlier on our plant preparation and basically what we did was soaked them in water for 5 minutes. Now the snapdragons are ready for their new home. Today they are going to act as borders. That is going to be their job. It's going to be a border for this beautiful flower bed that they have so we are now ready to loosen up the soil; there we go. It shouldn't be tough because this always is very moist and is going to be the perfect environment for the snapdragons. Now we are going to dig a hole. While we are digging a hole, basically what we need to do is keep in mind that we got to keep a space of 2 inches from the plant and to break this right here on the edge; show you. There we go! Look how pretty that is. We've got them 2 inches apart from the plant and the brick. One more. These are just beautiful. It is so peaceful to work on your yard and rewarding. Well, at least it is for me and it should be for you too. It's about being relaxed and enjoying what you are doing and being proud of your gardening. 2 ½ inches on the side and basically what is going to happen is it is going to create better air circulation for the snapdragons because they much better. Also when they start growing, their leaves are going to be overlapping one against each other. It's going to be beautiful and also you won't have any gaps on your border. We don't want that. It is going to be perfect; uniform and its fantastic. Before you know it, you will be addicted to maintaining your own plants which is great because you save a lot of money. If you have a stressful job, it doesn't have to be stressful, is like therapy. We still have a couple of snapdragons to plant so we are going to take care of that. This is how I show you step by step in planting your snapdragons.