Packing Kitchen Silverware & Cutting Boards

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Cutting boards and most silverware can be packed early when moving a kitchen. Get expert tips for packing silverware and cutting boards in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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So, I'm still looking around and looking finding things that I'm not going to need for the next two weeks. You might want to think about your utensils specifically. So, I have, as most people do, a drawer with silver ware in it. And also as most people do, I have a set of silver of my silver ware and I'm not going to need all of these in the next two weeks. So, again, I can just take out a couple of each, you know leave out a couple knifes, couple spoons, couple forks. And that should be sufficient for the next couple of weeks. Of course this is completely personal and if you have a family of four, then obviously you're going to want to leave your utensils out most likely. But since it is just me, then and I can wash things, you know, a meal bases. I can leave out a couple utensils, pack the rest and that will save me some stress on moving day. And along the same lines with you utensils, your cutting boards. I have several cutting boards and like I have this one back there. And I have a couple like this over in this corner. So I can go ahead, I'm going to pack a few of my cutting boards and leave out one. Just for my, because I won't need those for the cooking that I'm going to be doing in the next two weeks.