Layout Tips for Square Foot Gardens

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Learn how to layout square foot gardens with expert gardening tips in this free video clip on growing grid gardens. View Video Transcript

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Hi. This is Yolanda Vanveen on behalf of Expert Village. Today, we are talking about square foot gardening which is really no different than raised bed gardening in a raised bed. The only difference is that we are going to separate our four by four square into one by one foot squares dividing them with vinyl strips. That way, we can keep all of our plants separated. Here's a really good tip for you. When you are gardening and you are setting your beds out, it's really important to leave enough room in between the beds so that you can push a wheel barrow through and you can work and you can walk and there's enough room that the plants can grow and kind of hang off the side and not really get in the way. When planting your square foot garden, make sure that you have at least three feet between the beds. You'll enjoy the space later when you need it. Next, we will takl about pest barriers.