How to Organize Gift Wrap & Seasonal Decorations

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When organizing gift wrap and seasonal decorations, find boxes specific for storing gift wrap, ornaments, wreaths, presents and other seasonal goods for easier access. Find the best storage boxes and containers for gift wrapping and decoration supplies... View Video Transcript

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Now I would like to show you how to organize your gift wrap and your seasonal decorations. Let's start with the gift wrap. You can easily go to the store and buy these containers. The top holds your gift tags, your bows, your pens, your tape, your scissors, everything you need. The bottom holds all your wrapping paper. You can buy one just for Christmas wrapping paper, you can buy another one to hold birthday wrapping paper, shower wrapping paper, wedding paper, everything or you can buy one and put it all together. It just depends on how many presents you need. It keeps it all safe and dry and nothing happens to the paper throughout the year. Now you can get storage boxes. I recommend red and green ones for Christmas because then they are sitting on the shelf and you know exactly which ones are for Christmas. They come in many sizes with many different kinds of lids. You have easy open like this or you have ones with the pop off. Plenty of room to store all of your season decoration, even gifts if you would like so you know which ones, if you buy gifts all year you can put them in the red and green one so you know which ones are Christmas gifts and which ones aren't, maybe for birthday. You can also get the storage boxes just like these that I use for ornaments, you can just look on the side and then you'll know that this is your ornament box for your tree. Again very easy open top, so nothing is going to get in to the box that you don't want to. Now for your Christmas wreaths, you can buy wreath boxes with a lock on lid so you don't have to worry about anything with your wreath. You can get them with a clear bottom so you can see which wreath it is. If you don't want to spend the money for a wreath box, you can always just use one of your big bags from your store so when you buy all your Christmas presents just keep the big bags and store your wreath in there. But a good hint is after the holidays are over the day after Christmas and so on you can get all of these at 50% off so that you can get a lot of them, stock up very inexpensively. They also make orange and black storage boxes which are perfect for your Fall, Thanksgiving or Halloween decorations. So then you know when they are all sitting on the shelves which ones are for what holiday. It works out really good. So hopefully you can use some of these ideas. They sure worked for us.