How to Organize your Cleaning Supplies

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Here are some ideas for keeping some cleaning products in your bathroom, so that you don’t have to run all over the house to gather up things whenever you want to clean the bathroom. This way if they are in the bathroom you are more likely to cleanup on a more regular basis and also I can show you how to keep some toilet paper on hand, which is really easy to get to. So this is a little caddy that I like to call the quick fix tidy caddy and what it has in here is things that make your life easier so that cleaning a bathroom is not going to take a big hassle. So we have got small garbage bags for those little garbage cans in the bathroom, we have got some gloves and then some little sponges and stuff to clean the inside of sinks so that you can get that toothpaste scum off of there in a jiffy. Also I like to have some Windex or some product like that close by so that you can always keep the mirrors nice and shiny and you should always have at least one roll of paper towels in the bathroom. So you can notice all these things are categorized such as the toilet paper and the paper items in their own caddies, so that way it makes it easy if there is a spill of soap or some other cleaning product so I can just simply pull things out, clean underneath it and put it right back and no harm, no foul.