Early Packing & Moving Food

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Early Packing & Moving Food - Provided by eHow
Most food will not be packed until the day of the move. Learn what food items can be packed early with expert tips in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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Your food is obviously something that you're also going to be using up until the day that you move. And, oh, and I guess also I should mention that this is all about, this is all, I'm giving you this from me moving as a single person, so obviously if you have a family of four or if you're moving several people, then you want to leave out more than one plate, and that applies to everything that we're talking about. But for food I've started to clean out my refrigerator, you can see it's relatively empty. I've gotten rid of old things, tried to use things up, I just have the things left that I use on a regular basis and that I know that I'm going to eat. The more of this kind of thing that you can get rid of the better, because these are, especially in the middle of the summer or whatnot, these can be hard things to move. Also in the freezer, that's another good place to look for things that you don't use all the time and that you can start depleting. So I still have another week to get rid of my frozen peas that I haven't eaten yet in this last week, and also just to eat up some of these other things. So that's another place that you just want to be conscious of starting to get rid of things, clean things out, and it will also make cleaning out your refrigerator a lot easier if you can kind of take care of things as you go.