How to Organize File Cabinets

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Hi! I’m Katrina Cameron and on behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to show you why it’s so important to keep current files close to your desk in your home office and keep the older files in a more inactive storage area. So let’s take a look at a filing system that you can set up in your home. You want to have active files close on hand so that you are more motivated to actually file things right away. An example of active files would be possibly personal files on the top and financial files on the bottom. Different examples of what would go into personal files under this system would be broad categories such as a health and fitness, articles you’d like to read. If you are a spiritual person, you might want to have a church file. You could have something for if you have kids for their school and you get a lot of hand outs for them, things that you need to keep and charts. That would be another one for your child’s name or you can just name it their school. You would also put medical files under this also or any type of health history. If you like to go on trips, travel would be in the personal file. So those are examples of personal files that you would keep. An example of financial files of course would be current bills that you would pay, those would be close on hand. If you have cell phones, you would want to put that in here. If you have mortgage statements, you would want to keep them here. But things that would not go in a financial active file would be title papers from a home purchase or those huge print out that they give you if you have any sort of investments, those booklets. That either gets tossed or if you do need to keep them they go into a storage box and they don’t need to be right on hand. So you really want to constantly replenish your files and go through and see if you can throw anything away. Everything should be in the current year or if you’re in between years, you’re going from 2005 to 2006, you want to just keep it either 1 to 2 years in your current files. Once a month you want to check through your files and see if anything needs to relabeled to keep it crisp and pretty or if anything can get shredded and disregarded. That is the way that you can keep your files fresh and easy to use.