Eating Organic Lettuce

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Eating organic lettuce can be extremely healthy depending on your methods of food preparation. Learn a few healthy tips for eating lettuce from a professional organic gardener in this free gardening video. View Video Transcript

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Ok now that we've, we planted the seeds of the lettuce, we've taken care of several beds of lettuce, we've picked it, we've washed it, we've stored it and now we're ready to get it out and make a meal with it. So first we, I prefer to take the lettuce and we pull it apart. Get it broken down a little bit so we don't have so much chewing to do, because it's very important, in all the enzyme books I've read about, that it's very important to chew your food. We all don't chew our food enough. So there we have the lettuce, we could have a little more. We like lots of lettuce. And we've got some cut up vegetables here. A little bit of carrot, little bit of celery, some broccoli down here. Okay, now we're starting to have something. Make sure we get it all in the bowl. And, with my salad, I like to incorporate some bee pollen, great source of nutrients, helps protect you against allergies. People are allergic to a lot of things. Everything that you could possibly be allergic to would be in here and if you eat that, you become immune to it. Here we have some hemp seed, which is a great source of protein. We want to get some protein in our salads. This hemp seed has three omegas, no two omega threes and two omega sixes in hemp seed, so hemp seed's very good for you. And we want to put a little salt in there, make it taste a little better. And this is not your normal table salt; this is Himalayan salt, mineral salt, which is very good for you and it's on a DNA level, ready for your body, gives you all the essential nutrients and minerals that you need. Then I have my old dressing here, which has three different kinds of oils: hemp oil, flaxseed oil and olive oil. So we'll pour this on it and put it in the salad, stir it up a little bit and now we're here. Bon appetit!