Growing Okra

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Growing Okra requires pinching out one or more seedlings. Learn how to grow Okra plants in this free video on vegetable cultivation. View Video Transcript

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Hi I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb for On Gardening. One of my favorite vegetables is okra. I know you've heard about okra being a big star, Okra Winfrey. No, but you can have okra and you can grow it and you can have it in your own backyard. I'm going to tell you that okra is one of my favorites, in a four pack if you can get them out of here, these things are a little bit overgrown. When you plant okra, make sure, in this case you've got two of them, you might pinch one of them out, or your might just see which one wants to be the dominant of the two little seedlings. You can see that it's root bound, so gently pull these roots apart. When you do that it's going to help it go ahead and establish itself into earth box. Now okra is a sun lover, so make sure it gets about six hours of bright sun a day, same thing you would for tomatoes and peppers as well. Okra is one of those vegetables, if you've never tried okra, you probably should, it probably hasn't been prepared right for you. It's a delicious vegetable that kids love and adults love as well. Okra is one of those vegetables that you can have fried, steamed, boiled you name it. Good for you, good plant to grow. For On Gardening, I'm Stan DeFreitas, Mr. Green Thumb.