Packing a Kitchen: Labeling & Keeping Boxes Open

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Leaving boxes open helps keep things together. Get expert tips on keeping boxes open and labeling boxes in this free moving video. View Video Transcript

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The kitchen is definitely a place that where you're going to want to leave your boxes open. Because you're, one, just because of the amount of stuff that there is to pack. It's nice to be able to do that in little spurts when you have a few minutes here and there. But also because, you'll be able to keep things together more, more easily. So when you start a box, you can go ahead and label the box. So if I were going to put cups in this box, I would go ahead and put kitchen, which apparently the people who used this box before used it for the kitchen, so I would write kitchen and then I would write cups. And I might only fill it up with four or five cups today. But then when I get closer to the actual move, I'll put, I can continue to add cups in there since I already have the box labeled. Then once the box is filled up, I can go ahead and close it and it's ready to go.