How to Mow Like a Professional Landscaper

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Mow a lawn like a professional landscaper by edging first, mowing in different directions, trimming around walkways and blowing excess grass away. Discover the importance of wearing safety equipment, such as earplugs and glasses, when mowing in this free... View Video Transcript

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I'm Bill Elzey with Showplace Lawns. How to mow like a professional landscaper. First, be sure that when you're doing this project that you pay attention to every detail. Secondly, you want to take into consideration your safety and that is a very important issue. Always wear ear plugs or ear muffs. And always wear a very good pair of safety glasses to protect your eyes. At Showplace Lawns, we edge first, we mow second and we change our mowing direction every time we mow. That's going to allow the grass to stand up straighter whereas if you cut it the same way every time, the grass does not come back as straight. Then after than, we do our trimming. And we do our trimming after our mowing so we can use the mowed grass as the right height to trim the edges out with the trimmer. We follow that up with using the blowers to clean the place up. We blow the grass and the leaves back into the lawn and incorporate that in as a good mulch. It does make for a very clean appearance. So best way to do it is to edge, mow, trim and blow. Those are the best ways to mow like a professional landscaper.