How to Get Started Cleaning House

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So now that you have categorized all of your belongings, it should leave your drawers and your cupboards empty so that you can clean them. Cleaning is really a number one priority after you categorize because it leaves your bathroom nice and fresh and sanitary for your new organized living. So one thing you might you want to consider is if you have kids or animals in the home, you might want to use an eco-friendly products, but otherwise you can also use you know regular sanitizing sprays that you can buy at the grocery store. So I am going to ahead and clean this out. You need to make sure that you don’t use too much product because otherwise your areas will not dry and then you will have a damp mildew problem later, so just a little bit of spray goes a long way and then you can leave this slightly ajar so that your drawer can dry before you put your items back.